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My Life in Conversation: Discussions with Creatives

My Life in Conversation: Discussions with Creatives is my new arts interview series where I chat with people working in a variety of capacities in any number of creative realms.


Episode 002: Kinga Syrek discusses her debut animated short “Too Late” about the life of Edie Sedgwick

In Episode 2, I chat with Polish Animator and Filmmaker Kinga Syrek who has just released her debut film, the animated short Too Late, about the life of 1960s Andy Warhol Superstar Edie Sedgwick.

Fresh off its win for the Best Animated Film Award at the Across the Globe Film Festival in NYC and multiple nominations at the 2021 Krakow Film Festival, I speak with Kinga about how she discovered Edie, the influences on her unique animation style, and why she made Too Late.


Episode 001: Robert Margouleff talks “Ciao! Manhattan” & Edie Sedgwick

In this debut episode, Stevie Wonder co-producer, electronic music pioneer, and all-round audio and engineering innovator and legend Robert Margouleff discusses his role as film producer of one of THE all-time classic cult films: 1972’s Ciao! Manhattan, starring the iconic and tragic 1960s Warhol superstar Edie Sedgwick who died while the film was in post-production.

Tune in to find out how he came to be involved in filmmaking and the New York underground of the 1960s, the challenges of making Ciao! Manhattan, what we can learn from the film, why Edie’s legacy endures, and about his involvement in a new Sedgwick-related project: Too Late, an animated short by filmmaker Kinga Syrek.

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